KRA iTax returns – How to file KRA Tax Returns in iTax Online

KRA iTax returns – KRA income tax returns online on KRA iTax system

To file back KRA itax returns every year is a right and an obligation of every adult citizen in Kenya who has registered for KRA pin number.

Watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this post on How to file KRA nil iTax Returns Online

How to file KRA iTax Returns Online in Kenya

Before filing back your KRA  itax returns online, you require the following documents
  1. Employer information for the employed individuals
  2. Employer’s PIN if you’re employed
  3. Financial Statements
  4. Insurance Premium Certificate/ PIN of Underwriter/Mortgage interest certificate
  5. Withholding tax certificates where applicable
  6. KRA tax returns P9 form
  7. Any other documents relating to income you received or deductions you need to claim

How to fill KRA iTax Returns forms Online

  1. Visit the KRA iTax online portal website at
  2. At the KRA iTax portal login page enter your KRA Pin number, password and the answer to security question
  3. Click on ‘e-Returns’ or hover on ‘Returns’ on the navigation bar and click on ‘File Returns’
  4. Select the type, Enter your taxpayer’s PIN and select the Tax obligation applicable to you before clicking on ‘Next’
  5. The next page will walk you through the filling process. Basically, you just need to click on the links provided to either download the Tax Returs form in Excel or ODS
  6. Fill out all the applicable areas in the downloaded tax returns form and save your document in your computer.
  7. You need to enable macros to be able to ‘Validate’ and Zip your File.
  8. Return to the page and select the period for which you are filling the returns, upload the zipped filled out iTax Returns form, agree to the terms and select ‘Submit’.
  9. When asked whether you would like to upload the file, click on ‘OK’

KRA iTax returns form – KRA income tax returns form – KRA iTax return P9 form

This is the form from your employer that shows how you have been paying all your PAYE for the whole year.

It indicates all taxes on basic salary, allowances, benefits, bonuses, grants, etc.

This is the form that contains the information that you will be used to fill the KRA iTax retuns form online.

KRA itax returns Deadline

KRA iTax returns - How to file KRA Tax Returns in iTax Online, KRA nil Tax Returns
KRA income tax returns, KRA nil Tax Returns

Every employed or income generating Kenyan citizen needs to have filed back his/her KRA Tax returns by 30th of June every year. It is recommended that you fill the KRA tax returns forms online through the KRA iTax system found in this KRA iTax online portal

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Watch the video tutorial below on How to file KRA nil Tax Returns Online